03 November 2012

Rancho D-Lux FINISHED...Thank You!!!

What an incredible turn out today!  35 people showed up to play in the dirt, and we were able to finish everything that we thought would take the next 2 weeks to finish up.  We even had time to add in a neat little off-shoot feature that turned out supa-sweet.

Couple Notes:
With the dirt as dry as it is, the tread surface will be loose and sketchy until we get  a decent rain...don't cuss us yet.

We'll have a couple small fine-tuning details to finish up over the next week as we get the opportunity to spend some time on the trail and see what needs attention.  We already have a couple turns we want to work on & a log we forgot about.

The trail formerly known as the short-track is now a dedicated, self-contained kid's loop.

A huge thank you to ERTA and Spiderfest for the new Rogue Hoes.  The new version is perfection on a stick.

We will be posting a new map shortly.


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