22 February 2010

honey-SUCK-le work

Scott, Travis, and I were chompin' at the bit to do some work, so we rounded up a couple others and headed down to see what damage we could do. 

Travis and Joe Silver had done a lot prep work a couple weeks ago cutting the tops out honeysuckle and getting it off to the side, so we could start destaubing.  This was one of the thickest nastiest sections of honeysuckle we've seen in Swope so far.  It was so thick that when we marked it we were crawling on our hands and knees.



With about 20 man hrs we were able to destaub 100 yards of this honeysuckle patch, so we can start dirt work once the soil thaws.  Thanks to Amber Chambers, Cam Chambers, and Travis Donn for pitching in and helping out (also for the above pics).

This was the 1st time since the middle of December that we able to get in and do any reasonable amount of work. Before the Winter sank in we were on track for a spring opening.  Hopefully, the weather will start to cooperate and we can post some trails work days soon...March 13th maybe.


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