30 April 2010

Workday this Saturday, May 1st.

It's been a long time coming...a work day at Swope in 2010.

We'll be working on the section we laid out for the IMBA Trail Care Crew Workday. We will mainly be doing benchcut and rock work.

May 1st, 9a-11a
Meet at the Dining Hall at Camp Lake of the Woods. (Map is on the right side of the page.)
Bring your own tools if you have them. We'll have extras if you don't have your own.

Hope to see you there!

01 April 2010

NOTICE: Rocky Point Glade Trail Off Limits to Bikes

Be advised that the Rocky Point Glade Trail at Camp Lake of the Woods is off limits to bikes.  We have now placed signs at the entrance points to this trail.  Our ability to have mtb trail in this general vicinity hinges on our respect for this trail...please don't be the person that screws it up for everyone else.

Also, we are hard at work on phase 3 but mother nature put the hurt on us this winter, so we're way behind schedule.  We'll have some trail building days in the near future and hopefully get a good chunk knocked out soon.  With that said, phase 3 is not open to riding.  


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