06 December 2013

Christmas presented by Lowes

Thanks to Lowes and legwork by Linda Lehrbaum from Bridging the Gap and KC Wildlands, Swope Trails received $5k in tools and supplies to be used for our expansion along Blue River Road.  THANK YOU! 

The work we are doing is very equipment/supply intensive.  We spent almost $6000 in building and maintenace at Swope this last year.  For example, when building phase 5 this summer the core group of builders were going through pro-grade gloves every 3 weeks of working everyday.  Fuel costs totaled almost $1000.  This donation is huge for trails in KC.

Our core group of 3 builders each volunteered over 600hrs building this year.  Maybe now for 2014 we'll get off our butts and get somtehing done.

 Here's to building more sweet singletrack in 2014!

Merry Christmas, Dirt Lovers!

04 December 2013

This is getting old...

No ride tonight due to wet trails.


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