31 August 2013

SwopeTrails: Ph5 is Open for Business...Enjoy.

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August 31, 2013
Kansas City, MO

Earthriders Trails Association [ERTA] in partnership with Heartland Outside is thrilled to announce that the Wudchuk Run Extension is officially Open for Business.  47 weeks ago the Swope Trails Crew began the planning process for Phase 5 and after 2,952 volunteer man hours, the dirt is primed and ready for the taking.

Phase 5 is a 3.5 mile renovation and expansion of the Phase 2 portion of Swope trails.  This section incorporates 8 -pin Alley, Jawbreaker and many new features sure to bring smiles for miles  Several portions of the existing trail have been closed or modified.

Check out link to the right for updated maps and future plans.

A couple items of note:
- With the dirt as dry as it is, the tread surface will be loose and sketchy until we get  a decent rain.
- The expansion incorporates new features, reroutes and technical drops.  Please pay heed to all Caution/Do Not Enter signs.
- Sweet Luv [swopestyle] is a dedicated One Way, Downhill Only Trail.  Do Not attempt to ride/hike/run uphill.
- We are in the process of a complete signage upgrade throughout the trail systems.
- Multiple updated maps are placed at key intersections for your use in getting reacquainted with the new section.

A huge thank you goes out the following people.  Your help was a key to making this Phase a reality:
KC Bobcat
Kansas City Parks and Recreation
And to TC Odegard at Emerge Sign and Graphics for the finishing touches.

It’s time to get outside. Earn your Dirt.

With luv-
The Swope Trails Crew


About Swope Trails
Swope Trails is 100% volunteer designed, built and maintained

Swope Trails is a 50+ mile planned network of single-track mountain biking and hiking facilities in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri.  Designed, constructed and managed by volunteers in partnership with Kansas City Parks and Recreation, Jackson County Parks And Recreation,  Earth Riders Trails Association [ERTA] and Heartland Outside.   Swope Trails will provide a premier single-track mountain biking and hiking facility in the core of the city; attracting local, regional, and national visitors.  Constructed in phases by volunteers, 10.0 miles have been built since 2007.  When complete, Swope Trails will be one of the largest Urban Singletrack trail systems in the United States.

Swope Trails are located in the heart of Swope Park, Kansas City’s largest urban park at 1,805 acres, and showcase the limestone bluffs connecting to trails along the Blue River, Lakeside Nature Center, Rocky Point Glades and Camp Lake of the Woods.  Great strides are being made, with help from the Missouri Department of Conservation, to ensure trail alignments preserve, protect and restore the natural habitat of the glades.

30 August 2013

Wudchuk Run Expansion...couple more teaser videos

Couple more teaser pics to get everyone through the weekend.  We're still on target to open this Monday, the 2nd.

Hazzard County (12ft gap jump)

28 August 2013

Wudchuck Expansion Teaser Videos

Sweet Luv Swope Style

Dick's Big Log Ride

Phase 5 Wudchuk Expansion Teasers

GWP Drop (click to enlarge)

Farmer's Daughter (click to enlarge)

More to come...including some video.


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