06 August 2009

Swope Notes

A couple things in the works and general info.

1. We've scouted and had some corridor clearing help from Skills USA volunteers on phase 3. We will start knocking out new trail in November. The guess is that phase 3 will be around 2 miles. The trail will be similar to the orange rock face trail but will also have a more beginner friendly loop as well. Remember, we have at least 16 miles on tap for Swope as well as the connector to BRP to build in the next few years. Can you say 50 miles of mtb trail in the middle of KC?!?!

2. We've had several questions on how much trail we currently have. According to our measurements we get 3.4 miles (but I swear it feels like more). You results may vary.

3. Heads Up...there have been some break-ins at the main trailhead. Use your street smarts and keep valuables hidden, cars locked, think about checking on your vehicle after finishing laps, etc . If you see suspicious activity make sure to get a make/model and license plate number. There have been reports of a red Ford SUV with large chrome rims in the area around the time of the break-ins. KC Parks has been alerted to the situation and is working on solutions. They are very concerned about this and are doing things behind the scenes to make the area more secure.

4. Shoffner is leading a ride every Thursday night at Swope weather permitting. And on certain Thursdays, he's hosting the "Thursday Night Throwdown". More Info----> http://forums.earthriders.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=9461

5. We will be hosting a MTB, CX, and Trail Run on the Swope trails in September. This will be a fund raiser for equipment, fuel, and supplies for building trail at Swope. If you like riding, running, and/or hiking Swope, please try to make it out for this good cause. More Info---->

6. Trail Names...orange is going to be "Wudchuk Run" after the KC Wudchuks who've been exploring the Blue/435 corridor for years. If you don't know the KC Wudchuks, you should. The super-rocky technical section on blue will be named "8Pins" after the 8 pins that now reside in someone's hand. Otherwise, we're open for suggestions. We're looking for original names, something with some meaning, etc. Email us, and we'll consider it. If you have a story to go along with the name, even better.


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