10 March 2011

It's That Time of Year + New Trail Hermit + Fundraiser News

The weather is turning nice, the ground is thawing, and we're cranking out some sweet trail work.  Been doing some trail hardening projects and fixing some draining issues on phase 3.  Today the old fence on phase 4 is coming out. 

Look for some trail building announcements soon.

We've updated our volunteer hrs for the Swope Project.  Thanks to various groups and individual volunteers we've now logged 3920 hrs building trail at Swope.  A HUGE thank you to everyone who has ever lifted a tool on these trails!

We've recently added Travis Stephens to the list of Trail Hermits.  His history runs deep in the KC cycling community and has spent time volunteering at nearly every park in KC.  Travis is one of those guys who builds trail simply because he loves riding good trail.  He has spent the last 3 yrs quietly building sweet singletrack gnar while others are posting pics of their dinner plate on Facebook. He is a big reason you see some of the crazy rock work we do at Swope.  He's brought our rock techniques to a new level.  Thanks, Travis!

Also, thanks to a fundraiser by Specialized Bicycles and BikeSource the people of KC generously donated over $4000 for the trail building efforts at Swope.  We plan to spend a good chunk of this money to improve drying times for the trails.  The trails dry pretty darn quick, but we know it can be better...we have a plan.


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