29 October 2007

Phase 1 area

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This is the general area of phase 1
South of 63rd Street.
North of Wild Cat Hollow
East of Lewis Road
West of Railroad tracks and I-435.

Our guess is that we will get between 3-4 miles of trail in this first phase. The trails will have a mix of trail difficulty and should give everyone something to enjoy. We will also be implementing a kid friendly section to get our up-a-coming mtn bikers a place to develop skills and get accustomed to riding dirt.

Overall, we're still exploring our options and boundaries, but we believe we will end up with between 10-18 miles of trail in the entire Swope project.

Beginning this weekend we will be scouting/flagging on a weekly basis. We are beginning to compile a list of volunteers who might want to help in this project. Please email swopetrails@gmail.com if you'd like to be added to our distribution list.

We highly encourage anyone who is already involved with other trail systems to keep helping with your current trail systems. We are really hoping to recruite a new group of volunteers at Swope.

Over the next couple weeks, we will be adding a lot of information. Including workdays, history of how this project came about, and pics of the incredible topography we have to deal with.

Here we go...

Last Saturday with humble beginnings, the scouting of Swope began. Scott and I spent 5 hrs scouting what will, mostly likely be, all 3 phases of Swope.

Basically, we wanted to get a good feel of what we have to look forward to. We were both completely blown away with the potential and are honored that we get the opportunity to develop these trails. We will begin flagging phase 1 this next weekend and will be posting updates often.


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