28 October 2008

Last 2 weekends Progress

Quick post before heading out of town for the weekend for some Arkinsaw lovin...5 days of riding. We had a great last 2 weekends and did almost 70 man hours of work!!! Phase 1 is essentially done. We have 20 yards of the entrance to do which will be some serious work requiring landscape rock and motorized help.

Basically, we just have to hang the door on the front of the mansion. We don't want to hang a metal door on this beauty, so we may go a little over the top.

Our next work day will be November 8th...more details to follow.

We will have a grand opening with KC Parks on November 15th...more details to follow.

The hard workin' dogs who made it out over the last 2 weekends:

Wade Frerichs
Deron Graham
Brett Huber
Charley Viehland
Kirby Viehland
Tom Jester
Greg Rupp
Ron Acklin
Jason Hatley
Phil Schrerer
Travis Stephens
Aaron Alderson
Craig Stoeltzing
Scott Capstack

14 October 2008

Upcoming Workdays...Sat 18, Sun 19, Sat 25, Sun 26

We had our walk-thru with the parks department a couple weeks ago and everything went great. We are presently shooting for a grand opening of phase 1 on November 15...more details to follow once it's finalized.

Our last big project is to construct the connector from the parking area to the trail loop...a couple hundred yards.

Sat 18 8a-11a
Sun 19 1p-3p

Sat 25 8a-11a
Sun 26 1p-3p

We'll be less than 100 yards from the cars, so if you can't make it out when we start we'll be easy to find.

TOOLS (if you have them):
anything else you think might be helpful.

If you don't have tools, don't worry. We should have plenty.

Bring your bike, running shoes, or hiking boots to sample the trails after we work.

SPECIAL NOTE: The trails are not yet open to the public. Right now, the only way you are able to sample the trails will be at workdays. Please respect the land and the land owners.


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