05 November 2012

Wudchuk Run (Phase 5) work started on Sunday

If you were at the workday on Saturday you got a map preview of our next phase of  Swope.  We hope to build approx 2 miles this winter...this will bring Wudchuk Run to the Marci's Playground area.  These two miles will be an even mix of rocky/technical trail and smooth/flowy trail.

The following winter we will add another 1-2 miles which will complete Wudchuk Run.  That will give us the Rancho D-Lux loop, Wudchuk Run loop, and the Kid's Loop (former known as the Short-Track loop)

We've been scouting the new phase extensively over the last 2 months and couldn't wait to get rolling, so four of us worked on corridor on Sunday.  This new area of Wudchuk Run will be referred to as "The Homestead".  You'll need to put on your climbing legs for this section.

We plan to have a workday for this area on the 17th in the afternoon...(Yes, afternoon due to managed deer hunt).  Stay tuned for further details.

Below are a couple teaser pics.  The pictures were taken in a little playground area which will have several intermediate and hard lines running thru it. 


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