17 November 2012

Workday Recap

Perfect trail work weather today. We had 18 people show up and bust out some choice bench cut and corridor work. Travis, Sam, and I rode the benchcut afterwards...we will need to do very little work to finish the line..we nailed it and it has beautiful flow. Good Job, everyone! The corridor for the whole Homestead area is nearly done as well. It's going to be a hard but fun area.

Today's Crew:
Tom Boehme
Andre' Davis
Lowel Premer
Mike Flynn
Zach Barnes
Tim Quinlan
Colin Weigel
Chris Grill
Sergio Zaderenko
Ruth VanWye
Dan Patti
Mutt Buxton
Sam Wise
Scott Cotter
Greg Rupp
Richard Renner
Travis Stephens
Craig Stoeltzing


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