17 May 2010

Epic Trailbuilding, AND you guess it, more trail work this next Saturday.

Saturday was best summed up by Brett Shoffner when he asked, "Can Trail building be called Epic?" Yes, Saturday proved to be epic. Thirteen brave souls took part in 3.5 hrs of of hard-core trailwork in the rain.

One group knocked out the corridor on the short-track/beginner trail.
Andy Lucas
Greg Rupp
Joel Hammontree
Doug Obershaw
Travis Donn
Scott Capstack

The other group cut in the bench cuts on the intermediate line of phase 3.
Brett Shoffner
Scott Cotter
Deron Graham
Colin Weigel
John ?
Travis Stephens
Craig Stoeltzing

We're making great progress on phase 3. We still on track for a June opening, but we need lots of help to make this happen. We'll be working again this Saturday.

Saturday, May 22th, 8a-12p (come and go as your schedule allows.)
Meeting Place: Hogan/swimming pool at Camp Lake of the Woods on top of the hill. From the main Swope trailhead, drive up Oakwood Drive, take a left at the "Y" and continue on about 300 yards. See map on the right hand side of the page for directions to the Swope Park trails.

Tools: The usual trail tools...Rakes, Shovels, McLeods, Pulaskis, Rogue Hoes, Weedeaters, Blowers, Handsaws, Chainsaws, etc. If you don't have tools, come anyway...we should have plenty.

If the trails are rideable, we'll do a trail tasting of the new stuff. Workdays are the only time you'll get a chance to ride phase 3 before it's open, so come work then get your ride on!


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