13 May 2009

Phase 2 Update...upcoming workdays and PHASE 2 TEMPORARILY CLOSED

We keep knocking out a few hundred yards every few days with a decent amount still to go. We'll keep plugging away until it's done. On that note, we're looking at May 23 and 24 as work days, so pencil it in if you get the chance.

We have real concerns about people riding phase 2 until it is finished...they are many staubs, off-camber sections, and areas that may change drastically from one day to the next. So, we've posted signs stating that phase 2 is not finished and not open. Once we get to the point where we feel the trail is safe for all users, we'll take the signs down. But until then please heed the signs. We hate to do this but feel that it in the long run it is for the good of the park.


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