25 February 2009

Workday this Saturday, February 28th

We've made a lot of progress over the last month. 90% of the corridor is cleared and is ready for fine tuning. We will make a push to finish clearing the last 10% of the corridor along with some beloved destaub (remove trees by their roots) work. We will also be doing some hard core bench/rock work. You should see some of the work that's already been done...it's over the top!

If you are an experienced trail builder and feel confortable leading a crew please email me to let me know you are coming, so we can plan accordingly.

Saturday, February 28
Tools: Chainsaws, handsaws, loppers, rakes, shovels, McLeods, Pulaskis, Rogue Hoes, etc . If you don't have tools, come anyway. We should have plenty.

Meet at the main trailhead location...see link on the right hand side of page.

Weather permitting we will ride afterwards.


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