17 September 2008

Swope Update and Workdays this Saturday and Sunday

A couple of us have been working over the last month on the Swope trails and things are coming along nicely. We wanted to get things far enough along that you'll immediately see our vision and be able to see the possibilities for the future.

We are to the point of having the first short loop rideable although we have a ton of work to still do. Plan to bring your bike or running shoes. With a good volunteer turnout this weekend, we should be fairly close to having the trails ready to open.

Saturday (Sept 20) morning 8a-12p

Sunday (Sept 21) morning 8a-12p
Sunday (Sept 21) afternoon 1p-4p

Obviously, most of you won't be able to make all 3 sessions, but if you can make 1, the trails will love you for it. Something else to consider, you'll never be more than 5 minutes from your car, so you can come and go as needed.

TOOLS to bring (if you have them):
anything else you think might be helpful.

If you don't have tools, don't worry. We should have plenty.

SPECIAL NOTE: The trails are not yet open to the public. Right now, the only way you are able to sample the trails will be at workdays. Please respect the land and the land owners.


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