29 February 2008

Workdays...03.01.08 and 03.02.08

Since we had to cancel our Heartland races for the weekend, we are going to work at Swope instead.

Our main objective right now is to clear corridor...meaning clearing a 6 ft swath thru the woods, so we can start bench cutting and tweaking lines. This is a great way for inexperienced trail workers to get dirty. It's a lot of cutting branches/logs and moving them out of the way. We hope to have most of the corridor cleared for this 1st phase done by the end of the weekend.

The Plan:

Meet at Swope Camp Lake of the Woods area. See map.

Meet at Swope Camp Lake of the Woods area. See map.

Tools, Etc:
Bring yourself and and chainsaws, handsaws, loppers, and clippers. If you don't have such tools, we should have extras. Also, bring water and snacks...Scott gets hungry when he's workin' and might steal yours given the chance...so bring extra.

Phase 1 trail layout:


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