23 June 2010

Quick Update

Yes, it's true...we've opened part of phase 3 for your pleasure/pain.  We will continue to work on the remainder of the loop over the next couple weeks.  Also, the part we've opened isn't entirely 100% finalized, so bear with us as you'll notice some slight changes to lines over the next couple weeks...we're not dumbing down the trail...just doing planned work to aid sustainable trails.

The line marked "technical offshoot" is just that...there are technical lines with sally option lines around them.  If you aren't confindent in your abilities go for the XC Racer Geek line. 

Also, we'll be hosting 150 volunteers from Skills USA this Friday.  They'll be helping get as jump on the next section of singletrack we'll be building, so we should have a great jump on trailbuilding this fall/winter.


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