02 May 2010

Phase 3 Workday Results + Trailwork this Saturday, May 8th

What a great day!

Brett Shoffner has been working knocking out some great solo work over the last couple months on the intermediate line, and on Saturday we were able to build another 300 yards.  We should have some pics shortly.

Brett Shoffner
Zach ?
Drew ?
Derron Graham
Greg Rupp
Scott Capstack
Travis Stephens
Craig Stoeltzing


Bring tools if you have them.  Don't worry if you don't have any, we should have plenty.
Meet/Park at the Hogan/swimming pool.

Phase 3 is still not open for riding.  Please attend a workday if' you'd like to see the new trail.  We are getting a lot of reports of people riding where they shouldn't be.  We understand that everyone is excited about the new trail, but riding on unauthorized trail reflects poorly on our user group and could result in us losing access to certain areas of the park. 

Also, currently parking is restricted to the bottom of the hill...if you go past the red gate at the bottom of the hill, you've gone too far. We are working with the City on a better parking solution but nothing has been approved yet.  Parking is only allowed on the top of the hill for trailwork.

A lot of people are asking when we'll be opening phase 3.  The short answer is..we don't know..we're hoping for sometime in June.  We'll be posting a bunch of work days over the next month.  Definitely mark your calendar for June 5th....we'll be participating in National Trails Day and hosting a blow-out trail building party!


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