20 May 2009

Trailbuilding weekend this Saturday and Sunday (May 23 & 24)

Get your dirt on!

As previously posted on the swopetrails website, phase 2 is not open for riding due to some safety concerns while we're doing the build out. However, we're making great progress and with a good turnout this weekend we may be able to get the trails to the point where we feel they're safe for public consumption.

9a -1p...Trailbuilding

1p - 4p...Trailbuilding

Meeting Place:
Meet at the regular trailhead at the bottom of the hill. Once we have everyone, we'll drive to the top of the hill. Map of the trailhead is on the right hand side of the page.

The usual trail tools...Rakes, Shovels, McLeods, Pulaskis, Rogue Hoes, Weedeaters, Blowers, Handsaws, Chainsaws, etc. If you don't have tools, come anyway...we should have plenty.

We will be working on getting the Blue trail finished. This will include some corridor work, rock work, and benchcutting.

Sponsored by 180 Energy Drink http://www.180.com/ Our good friends have supplied us with plenty of 180 goodness to keep us going for the entire weekend!


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