22 February 2008

It's a GO!

We had our walk thru today.

Scott and I, like 2 little nervous school girls, arrived 45 minutes early so we could have on more once-over on the trails before the walk-thru. We tweaked, we primped, we prayed. We had a quiet assurance that we nailed the layout.

The many hours staring at our blank slate, walking, hiking, running lines for flow, flagging, yelling at each other, whining, negotiating, re-flagging, talking flow, talking philosophy, falling on our butts, screaming, yelling for joy, "running out of adjectives", re-flagging more, and generally having a great time was all about to be tested.

President of ERTA, Dave Smith showed up a few minutes early. We gave him the scoop. Shortly thereafter, park personnel arrived. We gave a quick overview of the plan and started hiking. Everything went exceptionally well. Scott did an excellent job explaining our layout process and addressing potential issues. Everyone in the group had a perma-grin about halfway thru the hike. Towards the end of the hike we were asked when we'd be starting. I replied, "Scott, see you at 7:30am tomorrow morning."

So with that...IT'S A GO! Scott and I will be doing some rough corridor work this weekend. We will look at our schedule this weekend and post upcoming workdays. With the Heartland Sports Promotions schedule starting next weekend, we will need to work around our promotion schedule. But, basically, if we aren't putting a race on, we will be at Swope Park building trail.

This first phase is short. But we should be able to have the loop done in a couple months to get traffic flowing on the trails. The beauty of this area of the park is all the mature growth trees with very little scrub brush undergrowth. We should be able to build through out the year.

We are truly blessed with some great topography and great park personnel to work with. It is a breath of fresh air to work with park people who "get it".


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