18 January 2008

Was 1,2,3 Now 3,2,1

We had our meeting with KC Parks personnel yesterday, and we've all decided that the best plan of action is for them to continue working to get the ATV users out of Phase 1, and for us to start building trail in what was going to be Phase 3.

So now, instead of working North to South on this project, we will be working South to North. Basically, we'll be starting in the Camp Lake of the Woods area between Oldham and Gregory.

Scott and I will begin scouting, marking, and working on approval under this new plan shortly. Possibly, this weekend weather permitting. We are very excited about the support that KC Parks has shown this project and for their willingness to address issues head-on and allow us flexibility in the project. The topography of Camp Lake of the Woods is excellent.

One of the neat things we learned yesterday, is that one of the guys in charge of the Camp Lake of the Woods area is also a mountain biker. In the meeting yesterday when he found out we were the guys that headed up the building of Landahl, he about to jumped out of his skin he was so excited.

Things are coming together. Good things are happening.


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